20-20 Safety Services             Lynanne Fortin CHSC CRSP
Safety should never be hindsight, but rather  Foresight.
Safety starts with each of us - Together we keep each other Safe.
20-20 Safety Services
Resource management and Support, Evaluation, Training, Inspections, Administrative Services (ISNetword/Browz/ComplyWorks), COR Preparation, Safety Programs, Incident and Claims Management, Consulting and  Commercial Driver Evaluations.
Service's that will have you doing Safe practices and compliant with Laws, Legislation, (whichever one you report under) -  Federal (Canada Labour Code), Provincial (WorkSafeBC) including the Workers Compensation Act before you know it.

"Due diligence" is a process designed to protect the corporate assets; when done correctly the result is a safe work place and your workers go home safe.
 That is what its all about, keeping everyone safe.

Over 32 years in the field of construction, Lynanne Fortin CHSC CRSP is the driving force behind 20-20 Safety Services.
Highly respected by her peers has spent the last 13yrs as Corporate Safety Manager for an Industrial Construction firm where she began mentoring and still does to this day.

Currently Lynanne is the; Technical Safety Adviser for a well known local Crane service and is Senior Safety Consultant to  RONIN Safety and Rescue.

Having been engaged in a wide variety of projects, spanning many fields and areas of industry. Lynanne is able to communicate with all walks of life in an effective manner that has people feeling good about their Safety programs. 
Whatever your business; large to small, you can rest assured with 20-20 Safety Services on the job you are getting the details taken care of. 
Safety is 20-20 You will have the knowledge and resources to stay in compliance and keep your Corporate Safety Culture healthy and thriving. Safety Compliance is just Good Business sense.

 It's a fact that safety prevents injuries and saves lives, we want you to succeed in this 110%.

Lynanne's abilities, experience, expertise, resources, dedication and intimate knowledge of Regulations Laws, Legislation and practical experience will safely guide your Company through every aspect of your Safety needs.

                      It is better to be careful 100 times than to get killed once - Mark Twain

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